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Youth Empowered.

A confidence building photo experience
for teens and tweens, 

Where a photo session 

is only the beginning.

Self-esteem can be developed or crushed in an instant, especially in those preteen + early teen years. This is a notoriously rough age, and I'm pretty sure we all have "survival" stories of our own.

There's no easy solution to this. But I am doing what I can to help. I am offering a beloved photo project that helps kids feel uplifted and better about themselves!

You'll get an inspiration book filled with favorite images and heartfelt quotes from family. 

Your kiddo can flip through the pages whenever they need a reminder of how amazing and awesome they are and how much they are loved. 

SENIOR PHOTO BOOKS 1920x1080.jpg

It's like having a personal cheering squad ready,

whenever they need a little pick-me-up. 

Griffin9 (1).jpg
How it helps build self esteem

Boosted self-esteem in just three ways

1. Empowering Photoshoot

I photograph what they’re already feeling confident in… getting pics of them in an everyday outfit that they LOVE, and then more pics to show off a sport, hobby, or favorite passion of theirs.

2. Collecting Uplifting Quotes

I’ll provide a questionnaire link to share with 5 other family members or mentors of your kiddo. I'll collect the responses and will hand-pick the best quotes from each person to be included in your kiddo's experience.

3. Enjoying Emotional Results

Those quotes are combined with their new photos for a one-of-a-kind VIDEO for the entire family to watch together. (Cue the waterworks.) Those quotes + your favorite pics are also added to the Inspiration Book for them to keep!


Giving parents an easy way to show their kids just how loved they are. 

…minus the embarrassed eye-rolls and chorus of "Mo000ooom" that typically follows anything nice you try to say.

You + I both know they need to hear all this GOOD STUFF about themselves. So the Youth Empowered Project provides a unique way to get it all across... all the ways you SEE them, love them, and are proud of them.

By doing so in a way that helps them internalize what was said about them, and call upon your words of love + encouragement again and again.

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